Meet Calissendorff Swarting at the IBA Annual World Life Sciences Conference in Philadelphia

Odd Swarting will attend in the 7th Annual IBA World Life Sciences Conference held in Philadelphia 31 May - 1 June 2019. The conference is organized by the International bar Association.

Topics for this year’s conference include:

• Roundtables covering the cutting edge topics of Life Sciences such as 3D/4D printed organs, Social media and connecting patients and healthcare providers, IOTs, GDPR, Human biological rights, Commercialisation of Medical Devices, pricing & reimbursement, biologics and biosimilars;

• Relevant effects of international and multilateral treaties on Life Sciences industry;

• Artificial intelligence in the present and future of healthcare;

• Moot court – Life Science dispute scenario and alternative dispute resolution methods;

• Internationalisation of healthcare services;

• Hot topics in venture capital investments;

• Changing the regulations of different uses of cannabis;

• Moot court – mediation, decision by judge and jury;

Read more about the conference and review the agenda here.